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Collaborate on documents, comment on files and video-chat from the same place.

Collaborate on Documents

Pin comments to your Office Doc, PDF, PSD in real-time with your team or leave comments for future review.

Get notified of changes

Receive notifications when team members edit notes, upload documents or pin comments to them.

Host Video Conference Calls

Hold video conference calls in your project to review your content with your team. Join through your browser, Skype, or your phone.

Evernote Friendly

Open, Collaborate on your notes with your teammates & Save them back to Evernote.

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Manage chaotic, fast-paced projects? Check. Quickly circulate information with team? Check. Be notified of important stuff? Check.

Project Managers

Stay on top of things. Keep project documents, feedback and host your calls in one place. LiveMinutes has you covered.


Share and exchange feedback on visuals. Show off your work and improve your communication with clients and teams.

Evernote Lovers

Make your Evernote account collaborative. Share your notes in realtime with your team. Keep everything and everyone in your team in sync. No more conflicting notes.


Create a collaborative learning environment. Whether inside or outside the classroom, LiveMinutes is the perfect environment for exchanging ideas.

Non Profits

Keep everyone on the same page. Better coordinate with your teams, organize events and keep your stakeholders informed.

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